Listen to Music - The Jox of R & B

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The artists in this arena use creative ballads to express their emotions. Listen to music here at musicjox from artists that have put their feelings on wax. Their poetic tones have been known to make or break hearts. Singing from the soul is how jox reach the human spirit.

Listen to Music from The Isley Brothers

Using melodic rifts to express their love for a long lost companion is how artists' songs rise to the top of the music charts.

Legends have been made by singing over a composition created from the pure love of music.

Soul can be seen in the way we walk and talk.

The universe has a rhythm that can be heard by ears that are in tune to the sound.

Artists express their understanding of that universal sequence by writing, producing, or singing that ballad made from the heart and aligned with the stars.

Music from Brandy

You can listen to music of artists in this coliseum who have broken barriers, minds, and souls by creating harmony to soothe the fiercest of beasts.

When you feel soul in your bones it becomes part of your being and the music touches the inner part of your spirit. Soul Music becomes a drug and your body screams for the next hot track or groove!

Music From Joe

Some people get happy feet when

their favorite song or artists is

played, which is an example of the

ecstasy feeling!!

Their voices have captured our

hearts and soul. Listen to free music

from these jox of soul who make us

join our significant other and cuddle

by a warm fire.

Music from Mary J Blige

These jox of rhythm and blues make you dance and cry at the same time.

Prepare to listen to free music and have a great time at musicjox.

If you cannot find an artist feel free to use the request line.

Music from Keyshia Cole

Music from Anita Baker

Free Online Music from Keith Sweat

Online Music From Janet Jackson

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