Listen to Soul Music from Anita Baker

Soul Music from Anita Baker

Listen to this next artist who has created music that made many people feel close to their special someone.

Anita Baker sings with such passion that would make Billie Holiday proud if she were alive today.

Anita sang about her man and let the heavens know that she was grateful to have such a sweet love.

Her voice combined so well with music compositions it was like combining two oxygen atoms.

Anita's voice and music has the gift of bringing breathable air to Mars.

Anita Baker debuted in 1983 with the album, The Songstress. She has since released, Rapture in 1986, Giving You The Best That I Got in 1988, Compositions in 1990, Rhythm of Love in 1994, and My Everything in 2004.

Musicjox wants to salute this Diva for singing Soul Music that makes lovers create fairy tales. Anita Baker has gave the world her best and we are waiting on more.

Sit Back Enjoy and listen to Anita Baker!

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