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Welcome to MUSICJOX, where the court is sound and you can hear your favorite artists.

Big Ups to the JOX out there doing their thing!! We will be opening the gate to the next level in 2011!! GET YOUR RHYMES RIGHT!!

Check out The Captain's Mix!!

The artists found in this realm live to make your ears as free as the wind. This site is dedicated to the artists that create music and the fans that enjoy being part of this great game of music! Music has always been embedded in the human spirit. It has become the greatest game on the planet!

Music has united people from different races and cultures. Musicjox follows in the tradition of unity! No matter the country you reside, if we have an artist to free your rhythmic hunger, try listening.

You can use our contact form if you want to hear a certain artist or genre that we do not have. We will then contact you on "Draft Day", the day we upload that artist. Some of our music cannot be downloaded but it is free to listen and start your party with our music! We have playlists that you can hear by streaming them to your speakers.

The Jox respects our artists' freedom of expression but we are not responsible for their content.

We serve so you can turn up your speakers and nod your head to the beat. Open your ears to the words and click on the links.

Sit back and Enjoy free music from the Jox with game!

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Coming Soon to Musicjox
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Listen to Music - The Jox of R & B and Soul
Listen to Music from The Jox of R & B and Soul
King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Rest In Peace
Our Memorial to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
New Age Music
Listen to new age music that will calm the mind, body, and soul.
Captain's Free Online Music
Welcome to the Captain Music Picks page, where you can find free online music mixes.
Classic Soul Music
This is where you can download classic soul music.
Request Line
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Classical Music Online
Listen to classical music online
Album Review
Read our album review and listen to our picks from recently released music.
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