Listen to Hip Hop Music from KRS One

Listen to Hip Hop Music from KRS One

Listen to hip hop music from the Teacha who has been a pillar in the Hip Hop Community for over 20 years. He has continued to set the standard of what a MC-microphone controller should be. The Blastmaster understands how to rock a crowd.

His lyrics, various styles, and approach to the music is unrattled. Finding new ways to express his thoughts over a beat has made him one of the fiercest MC's to step in the cypher.

Born 20 August 1965, Lawrence Parker grew up in New York City. He gained national appeal with the famous rap battle with MC Shan. Battling was the way new MC's got record deals and credibility.

Hip Hop thrived because rappers competed with each other thru clubs or on tracks. The community decides the winner by creating the buzz. Fans would brag about the things said and quote their favorite lines.

KRS One was named the winner in the bridges wars.

KRS One began recording with Scott Sterling aka DJ Scott La Rock, RIP. They formed BDP, Boogie Down Productions, and released their first album Criminal Minded in 1987. There was controversy with the album cover, which displayed Kris looking out the window holding a gun.

Questions like, "Does rap music cause violence?" came out of the media. This was during the height of the drug epidemic in the poor communities.

KRS One has always talked about social issues that affects our community. When DJ Scott La Rock was killed to gun violence, Kris kept BDP active and involved with social justice and upliftment. He started the, "Stop The Violence Movement", and created a song called, Self Destruction, with notable rap artists of the time. This single and video reached all over the country and became a favorite in the different areas represented by the artists. This song opened up the neighborhoods that were unreachable or unknown by people struggling across country. That song proved that we were all the same and had the same goals and problems.

Ears began to hear what the Teacha had to say. Listen to hip hop music from KRS One down below.

Rap music began to effect change and could spread other messages besides violence or degradation. People had their favorites and listened to rappers like heads of state. Rappers understood what the people in their community were experiencing in the United States. Soon it began to cross international lines and people in those communities identified with rappers and their messages. We have free rap music for you.

KRS One has trained to better his mind and lyrical approach as a Jox should. He began to incorporate different styles and sought to breakdown continental divides and took the hip hop culture global. The Teacha has written books, made speeches, taught classes, and still has brought the heat to the microphone. This pillar in Hip Hop has stayed true to his music and beliefs in social justice and enlightenment.

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone is the first featured artist at Musicjox because of his efforts to be and remain the best MC in the game. We think he is a man that one can aspire to learn from and admire. Sit back and listen to hip hop music. Listen to hip hop music from KRS One!!

Thank You KRS for your efforts and inspiration!!

See, we are listening and learning!!

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