Listen to Hip Hop Music from Erick Sermon

Listen to Hip Hop Music from Erick Sermon

Listen to hip hop music from the Green Eyed Bandit.

He is the founding member of the SQUAD that does not hear anything because they are Too DEF, Erick Onasis or jersey number Erick Sermon.

Erick has been in the game for about 20 years a master who added funk to rap beats.

Erick first entered the scene in 1988 with the debut of EPMD's first album, Strictly Business. EPMD was composed of Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith, Erick and Parrish Making Dollars. This album began an era in the rap industry where the beats became more elaborate by sampling music from earlier pioneer musicians. Erick gave the hip hop world a different sound by creating his hardcore funk. Erick Sermon and PMD approached making records as businessmen closing big deals in the boardroom where there is no room for mistakes. All rap artists seem to experience the ill effects of the corporate aspect of the music industry and EPMD were no different but they kept putting albums out and making that sound.

In 1993, the Green Eyed Bandit slammed thru with his first solo album, No Pressure. Critics thought he could not carry an album by himself. Erick kept it moving and produced classic after classic. Producers were not known to rock the mic but Erick is a MC that produces beats. In 2001, he snapped with a duet with the late Marvin Gaye, RIP, with Music.

Erick's latest album was in 2004, Chilltown New York, but he is still producing for artists in the music industry. We are waiting on our next fix. He has helped launched the careers of his Def Squad teammates Redman and Keith Murray. The weather got crazy with El Nino in 1998. Keep an eye out for any changes in the moon's rotation.

Erick's word play over soul grabbing beats has solidified him as the top MC/Producer in rap. Musicjox is featuring Erick Sermon because he has worked hard playing both sides of the court rapping and producing like a GIANT!!

Erick's skills are unmatched and we appreciate what he has contributed to the rap game. Listen to hip hop music from Eric Sermon!

Thank You for keeping our heads Nodding!!

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