Free Rap Music from Wu Tang

Free Rap Music from Wu Tang

Free Rap Music from the group that needs no introduction, only the correct spelling of their names, Wu. These nine microphone commanders, plus Ol' Dirty Bastard RIP, has been in the game since 1993 wrecking shop and tearing down mountains. These gods must be crazy since all their styles are bi-polar, but when together it is like Voltron forming his blazing sword.

GZA Music

Prince Rakeem and the Genius put together a killa bees nest that stored toxic needle spitters. The game became no holds barred due to mis-calibration sequences of all shields so they were penetrated. Protect Ya Neck; let the world know that it was time for a new training regimen. Real life stories reached the bottom of the hood with poetic swiftness. Lyrical kung fu had finally entered the stadium. Much needed vitamins reached the cracks of the forgotten world from the shine of these solar flares. Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) debuted in 1993. To hear that many MC's on the same album was unique unless it was on a compilation or soundtrack. The world got smacked with raw thunder sent from the tongue of gods.

RZA Music

RZA laid down tracks that Union Pacific had no idea of the route. These tracks were for the chiseled minds of the natural disasters that were cloaked over North America. Songs were composed with the same fervor as a night at Carnegie hall that only a genius could decipher. Many MC's came to live out their name but forgot their brains. The GZA made lyrical conquests that the world ate with a side of gravy and buttermilk biscuits. These elders destroyed MC's with mind provoking word play meant to reach the youth. The first on the scene has challenges, but RZA and GZA stayed above the clouds in order to shine blessings and knowledge. We have free rap music from the RZA and the GZA!!

Ol Dirty Bastard Music

Ol' Dirty Bastard RIP was taken from the physical plane but remains within the bloodline of Wu Tang.

His rap style went off the corner of global understanding and became stellar.

If one couldn't feel ODB then they missed the radiant light.

To be in tune with your primal half takes courage and residency at the zoo.

Ol' Dirty Bastard took fans on a rollercoaster and we miss him! Free Rap Music from ODB!!

To be a Masta Killah takes patience and skill. The precision of a rhyme assassin has to be mastered so prey cannot see the moment before its demise.

Masta Killah stung listeners’ drums until the days went silent without a date for healing. He can be considered one of the laid back cats who likes to rock a crowd. Heads know now to watch out for the strut in the darkness. We have free rap music from Masta Killah!

Masta Killa

Ghostface Killah

Next is the rocket blasting punch of Tony Starks. Watch out for his melodic interludes when he sings or you might get caught in the armor. Ghostface Killah breaks backs like a neck crow monger benching 450. Ironman embraces the dusties of old while teaching the youth about a quality sonata. His rhyme attack slices retinas like razor sharp tools that enhances saggy cheeks. When the market is down fishscale still sales. Ghost is the hero that rains on villains’ fake rhymes trying to steer kids into the abyss. We have free rap music from Ironman!

Raekwon The Chef

The Chef whips up diamond studded pins aimed at the pressure points of famished listeners. Raekwon cooks up a buffet that allows the world to feast off his acumen. This rhyme mammal connects joints in the hood with penthouse dexterity. He paves the ground to prevent fake drivers from taking trips overseas spreading rumors about Pablow. Raekwon's pasta breaks the abdomen when he goes into overtime slamming like a titan, so the only way to catch his tone is through slow mo, freeze frame, and rewind. We have free rap music from the Chef!!

Method Man

How high do you think it is to see this Johnny Blaze the atmosphere over America? Method Man hops like a one legged Olympic soda cans squasher going for gold. He gets all in a track whenever he clears his palate of flammable verbs aimed for the dome. Method Man’s stanking style blacks out college dorms across any continent. He is hip to the drive one needs to be the illest in Nebraska. Method Man's versatility comes a day after no one. His buck over a track bites listeners aortas until their ears pop from the pressure like they were at elevated altitudes. We have free rap music from Meth!


If you thought you were safe, the scramblers from the hills might say otherwise.

Ugod sends bolts even Olympus couldn't charge.

Arms have to be golden in order to grab baselines heavy as meteors. Ugod keeps his style gully and for the streets.

Raw metaphors keep this MC super and catching bullets with his teeth.

Ugod lyrics keep shaking windows thru the world with his certified beat.

Watch out when you come to a battle or you might get ate by the U-godzilla and dragged thru the gutter.

The Rebel INS

When you are caught in the bush or jungle you want INS to slay like a rebel. Inspectah Deck words moves thru the crowd faster than that smoke cloud. You got to strap up those boots in order to step to the ground with the Rebel INS. If you have not had the correct vaccinations you might get caught in an institution as a permanent resident. Inspectah Deck slams bars like a star being swallowed by gravity with no light.

Cappadonna Music

Last but not least is Cappadonna who has not been recognized by the popular media. Cappa is part of the WU and those people need some grits with butter sawdust. He freaks tracks like ice over the top of a butter pecan Rican. Cappadonna served war cold and without remorse for over two revolutions like a dictator's face on currency. There is no way to have the yin without the yang. Cappadonna makes sure he gives tracks water with the bread he spits.

We can spit all day about these microphone gladiators but we want you to hear for yourself. Sit back and listen to hip hop music. Free rap music from the killa bees! Wu Tang we love your efforts and grind! Keep putting out music to feed these seeds!


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