Free Rap Music from The Roots

Free Rap Music from The Roots

Listen to Free Rap Music from the squad that cultivates the hip hop sphere with live authentic brain food. Coming out of Philadelphia the world's reigning rap band, The Roots. The Roots concentrate on bringing music that reaches Neptune as well as the soul. Original compositions with lyrics that stimulates mental aptitude is their game.

The Roots debuted in Europe with Organix in 1993. Most Americans and hip hop heads were infused with the treatment that hosted green rotations on college campuses silently in 1995 with, Do You Want More?!!!??! This gave the world the first lesson and fans began to learn how a rap stallion flowed.

Like all bands the members changed but Black Thought and ?uestlove kept the universe at war by bringing music that shape supernovas. The heat from Thought's microphone kept heads filled with clefs and an octave that deciphers abstract puzzles. Never do what they do when messages take listeners to candy land because the sugar in that realm causes tumors and clots in the vessels causing massive aneurisms. ?uestlove brings the electric nodes needed to jump start the mental diabetics from shock.

Black Thought possess crossovers that breaks ankles and the heel while punishing defenses from beyond the arc. ?uestlove pounds the paint with drums crafted in the Nile that breaks backboards and scores the game winning point. The Roots have rocked crowds non stop as if fans ears were hydrated with the living water. Musicjox is featuring the skills and dedication of The Roots that elevates the intellect of their fans. Your hard work is appreciated and we got you in our section so let that seed sprout and flourish.

Sit back and listen to hip hop music! Free rap music from The Roots! You might need your headphones for this one!