Free Rap Music from De La Soul

Free Rap Music from De La Soul

Listen to Free Rap Music from the crew that trashes lawns with sewer size potholes. Plug One, Dave, and Maseo are next on the scene with soul running through their bones. Speaking truth to the world has made them prominent in hip hop. Fans have seen the gates above and are still trying everyday, thanks to De La.

De La Soul has spit intelligence into the microphone and has shown the world that rap is an official art. The trio debuted in 1989 with 3 Feet High and Rising. This album proved that hip hop was not about following a formula or pattern when making rap music. Coming up with rhymes should involve Me, Myself, and I not corporate executives. De La Soul has stood the test of time and rock crowds around the world. Fans are waiting for the next date De La Soul shows the world the grind.

Sit back and listen to hip hop music.

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